Our Favorite Apps

While traveling with iPads, iPhones and a couple Kindles, its really the Apps that make our journey manageable. Below you will find a few of our “can’t live without” apps.

Maps.meMaps.me has been a game changer for our travels. If you are limited to wifi and cell coverage in the US, then traveling abroad can be a bit of a challenge. With maps.me, you download the maps for your travel destinations at home and then you are free to roam without any additional internet/cell charges. We create points and trails and away we go. This is the #1 app for traveling in our opinion.

Rome2RioRome2Rio can help you find your way from Point A to Point B. It will share with you multiple modes of transportation and the costs associated. In some cases, it will even link you to train/bus/plane sites to assist in the booking process.

TripAdvisor – Yes, we are tried and true TripAdvisor contributors. We have rarely been disappointed when we follow reviews on TripAdvisor. Plus, we have over 3000 contributions on the site from our travels.

Trover – We have been using Trover for years to help us research locations and travel destinations. It is full of great photographs from all over the world. You can search What’s Hot or you can search for specific destinations. If you are looking for some great visual travel ideas, this is the site for you.

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