A Beautiful Capela and Beach Strolling in Miramar, Portugal

January 17, 2020

There are just so many great little seaside towns along the Silver Coast in Portugal. Miramar is a quick getaway from Porto. It takes about 15 minutes and 7 stops from the Sao Bento Train Station to find yourself lounging along the seashore.

The main reason you visit Miramar is for the beautiful Atlantic beaches and to visit Capela do Senhor da Pedra.

Once you leave the train station, it’s a quick five block walk from the train station to the beach. The Atlantic beaches along this area of Portugal are very deep and beautiful. This specific beach is made up of millions of tiny pebbles. I have to wonder how large these little pebbles once were. It’s fun strolling along watching the waves, looking for sea glass and counting the number of container ships that are bound for the UK.

As you stroll along the seashore, you will come across the beautiful Capela do Senhor da Pedra (Chapel of the Lord of the Stone). This little Chapel is perfectly perched upon a rock outcrop and is fully exposed to the fierce storms and weather from the Atlantic. The view from the balcony is amazing. This chapel location was originally a site of pagan worship; however, in 1686 the Chapel was built to ensure Christianity over the local superstition. This location also boasts some of the most beautiful sunsets along the Silver Coast of Portugal.

A view from the balcony.

The day wouldn’t be complete without a luncheon at one of the many beach cafes. They offer a great pri fix meal for around €7 per person.

Be sure to stroll through the park with all of the fountains and stroll through some of the streets in town. It’s a small community that comes alive in the summer and has many beautiful residences.

Big houses and yards are plentiful in Miramar.
Stately sycamore tree lined street of Miramar.

Directions: From the Sao Bento train station, you will purchase a Zone 2 ticket to Miramar. A round trip ticket will cost you €2.90. You can check the train timetable from the Comboios de Portugal website.

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