We had originally planned to spend a few days in Segovia. However, due to the COV19 shutdown and infection rate in Madrid, we felt it necessary to find shelter in a much smaller town. So, we hopped on the Renfe train and arrived in Segovia 37 minutes later.

Segovia is a very small town with a very long timeline in history. There are three major attractions that day visitors from Madrid come to see: the Roman Aqueduct, the Alcazar (a medieval fairytale castle), and a Gothic Cathedral (yes, more churches). While the town is on lockdown due to COVID-19, we will only enjoy these beauties as we walk to the grocery store, bakery or butcher shop.

The town itself is perched on a limestone outcropping and the city walls are still standing. Surrounding the city are miles of walking trails among the forests and through small villages, monasteries and convents. The landscape view is spectacular.

Looking at the city walls, trails and limestone base.
Looking out toward the monastery and the countryside.

Roman Aqueduct

The Segovia Aqueduct is the best preserved elevated Roman Aqueduct in the world. It’s building date is estimated to be somewhere between 90 – 112 AD. Apparently the aqueduct lacks an inscription that is legible and therefore makes it impossible to pinpoint the correct dates. Whatever the dates, it is certainly very impressive and is in remarkably great shape for something this old.

A few more impressive facts about this structure: It consists of over 20,000 granite blocks, without mortar, used in the last mile of the bridge. There are 120 pillars, 166 supporting arches and a height of almost 100’. The water travels over 11 miles to reach the town. Once it reaches town, the water travels across a rather elaborate underground distribution system. (Remember, that was almost 2000 years ago).

The incredible aqueduct in the center of town.

Casa de los Picos

The Casa de los Picos or The House of Peaks was built around the end of the 1400’s. This noble house was made with granite blocks carved into pyramid shapes and is one of Segovia’s most famous houses. It certainly catches your eye as you are walking up the street.

Casa de los Picos

Directions: From the Madrid-Chamartin Train Station we took the Renfe train to Segovia Guiomar. This train runs hourly and takes about 37 minutes from station to station.

Segovia Guiomar Train Station: This train station is located about 5k from the center of town. You can take one of the taxis that will be waiting out front or you can take Bus 11 for €2 to the center of the historic district.

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