Kruger – We have Arrived!

October 11, 2021

Our flights from the USA to Kruger Airport went without a hitch. And now we are at our destination for the next 30 days – Kruger National Park.

Our first stop, after picking up our rental car, was to buy a package of freshly made droewors. Multiple reviews said to stop at the National Park Butcher Shop and buy a kilo before entering the park. Well, we only bought ½ kilo as 2.2 lbs of beef jerky sticks is a lot of beef jerky. But, it was certainly worth the stop and the droewors are yummmmmy!

Freshly made droewors.

Next stop was Malelane to buy some groceries and items we will need for the next 30 days. Spar was the supermarket of choice and we are now supplied and ready to enter the park.

We’re in Kruger!!

After getting all of our paperwork in order at the Malelane Gate, we made our way to our first camp, Berg-en-Dal. Berg-en-Dal means hills and valleys and that is certainly an appropriate name for this area.

Our lodging at Berg-en-dal.

We spent two days driving the roads around the Berg-en-Dal camp. Most roads are dirt, but a few are paved. Maximum speed limit is 50 kmh. Honestly, with so much wildlife on the road or crossing the road, you don’t want to go much faster.

After sighting a couple white rhinos, we stopped into Afsaal’s Trading Post for lunch. Most rest camps have convenience stores with lots of food and drink items and maybe a small restaurant. However, as you are driving around the park, there are very few restaurants except in the rest camps themselves. So, you have to have snacks and some food with you at all times. And most importantly, use the bathroom before hitting the road. You really don’t want to be attacked by a lion while using the loo at the side of the road

Below are a few pics from this area.

South Africans love their meat for the barbi.
This hornbill enjoyed visiting us in the evening.
Four legged traffic jam.


  • Seeing six white rhinos – without their horns (deters poachers)
  • Watching elephants at the water holes taking a mud bath.
  • Looking up at a giraffe as he is standing next to the side of the road.

Roads Taken:

Berg en Dal, S110, S122, H3, Breakfast at Afsaal, S112, S22, S14, S23, S114, H3, S110 back to Berg en Dal

Berg en Dal, S110, S124, S25, S25, S26, S23, S113, H3, S110 back to Berg en Dal

Temperatures have ranged from 52 in the early am and around the mid-80’s during the day. Most morning drives start at 5:00 am and you take a break during the heat of the day.

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