Walking the Wolhuter Trail – On Foot in Kruger

October, 2021

At 3:30 pm on the 13th of October, we boarded the Kruger Safari truck and headed for the Wolhuter Wilderness Camp. We will spend the next three nights here on a walking safari – yes Walking!

We are ready for our walking safari.

Requirements: No children are allowed, you must be younger than 65 to participate and be able to walk at least 10k each day. BINGO!!!! We met the requirements.

The camp consists of four huts sleeping two persons each, two shower houses and two bathroom huts. While the camp has no electricity, they do have gas for hot water showers.

Hut sweet home.

At the center of the camp there is a dining hut and a fire ring for late night grilling, chilling and star gazing.

Fire ring where nightly stories are shared.
Wolhuter Welcome Center and Dining Hut.

Walking Details


  • Walk in a single file
  • No talking
  • Do not wear red, yellow, blue or white
  • Always follow directions
  • No stopping for pictures unless the whole group stops
  • Turn off your cell service

Each morning we were walking by 6:00 am. The day started with a cup of coffee and a large rusk (biscotti). We would then head out for our walk. Out two guides were always at the front of the group and they were fully loaded (firepower).

The first day we walked 6.5 miles and the second day we walked 7.1 miles. The walks lasted about 4 hours and were complimented by many stops to watch the animals and learn about the flora of the area.

We only had one close call when a large elephant came around the corner and surprised our group. I’ve never seen anyone bring their firearm to attention so quickly. We backed away very quickly and Ellie went in a different direction. Great heart pumper at the end of the walk.

Walking in single file.

Evening Walk and Sundowners

After the heat of the day would subside, we would head out around 4:00 pm for a short walk and then head to a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. The second walk of the days was generally about a mile or two.

Enjoying the sunset on the dam of a lake.


  • Walking through the Park with nothing between you and the animals.
  • Meeting new friends from Scotland and France.
  • Lions at the water hole in front of our hut.
  • African sunsets.
It’s hard to believe that an Ellie can almost disappear in a stand of trees.


    • No, you just go to the SanPark website and do all of your bookings online. If you are in South Africa, you can also call into the number on the site and make your reservations by phone. We stayed a month and did everything online. A very efficient system.


  1. This is truly an “up close and personal” experience with Africa and its animals! How wonderful that you could take on the challenge and appreciate the adventure of being part of the habitat. You will never forget Ellie and you are obviously in good hands! Keep enjoying the journey!


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