Birds of Kruger

Kruger is the home of so many large and small birds. Below are just a few of our favorite pics.

Secretary Bird
Crested Barbet
Cape Glossy Starling
Blue Waxbill
Black Bellied Bustard
Red Crested Korhaan
African Fish Eagle
Lilac Breasted Roller
Lilac Breasted Roller in flight
Pearl-spotted owlet
African Scops Owl at night.
Bateleur Eagle
African Hoopoe
Saddle-billed Stork
Red-billed Hornbill
Yellow-billed Hornbill
Ground Hornbill
Wooly Necked Stork
White Fronted Bee-eater

One comment

  1. Oh, my…what a wonderful collection of fabulous birds encountered as you are in Kruger National Park. So much color and diversity and they are certainly not familiar names for me. I am guessing you have a very complete guide book of the bird species of Africa and it must be so exciting just to come across them in the wild and look them up. Then again, maybe you know them already as I do recall you have visited Africa in the past. I will enjoy viewing these more than once and I do applaud all you have captured!


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