Leopard of Hoyo Hoyo

The leopard we saw at Hoyo Hoyo over a two day period deserves his own “Just the Pics” post.

Background Story: On our evening game drive, our guide spotted a steenbok (deceased) hanging from a tree branch. As he rounded the tree, Jeff saw the leopard in the grass (yes, I bring my spotter with me). The leopard had already been eating and was looking for a place to rest. So, we followed her to get a few pics.

The next morning as we drove by the tree, Jeff again spotted the leopard up on the branch with her kill.

Enjoy the pics!

The kill spotted in the tree. The huntress is close.
Looking for a place to nap.
She blends into the grass.

The next morning….

Lady leopard and her kill. (Hanging to the right of her tail).
Leopards are the only cats to come down a tree head first.


  1. Your photos of the leopard are wonderful and it captures the life she leads in her wild and wonderful habitat. Appreciating your adventures and the fact that you share it along the way!

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