Experiencing the Column of the Christ in San Miguel de Allende

April, 2023

If you are in Mexico during Easter, you will certainly come across many wonderful parades and celebrations that commemorate Christ and his Crucifixion.

When we were in San Miguel de Allende in 2022, and were able to witness all of the preparation and the procession of the Column of the Cross as it traveled from the neighboring village of Atotonilco into the San Juan de Dios Church in San Miguel.

It all starts at midnight before Easter Sunday morning. The statue of Jesus, leaning on a column, leaves Atotonilco and is carried for 12 miles by pilgrims. As the procession progresses through the countryside, the Church bells ring and fireworks light up the sky.

It’s a beautiful and moving tradition to watch unfold. We hope you enjoy our pictures as they share a story of tradition of Jesus through the Mexican culture.

Bags of colored sawdust are delivered along the parade route. This will be turned into a beautiful carpet for the entry of Jesus.
The pathway will be covered by scattering the pathway with fennel and chamomile. The fennel symbolizing the betrayal and abandonment of Jesus by his disciples and chamomile representing the humility of his mother, Mary.
The sawdust is being spread in the path that The Column of the Christ will take into the Church.
Large templates are laid out and the colored sawdust is now being applied.
The base design is now complete and the process of edging and spreading of flowers will begin.
This section of the street is ready as the day fades into evening.
In another section of the route, artists design large paintings of colored sawdust.
The pathway way is now complete, the palms are up and the street is covered ready for the procession to arrive.
The streets are decorated with purple and white balloons, paper flags etched with the image of Jesus, purple and white crepe paper flowers on palm fronds, and flowered archways spanning the entire street.
A chained Jesus and Roman soldiers arrive.
The priests with their incense are leading the pilgrims along the parade route.
The Column of the Christ enters the town as it is carried on the shoulders of many pilgrims. Church bells are ringing and fireworks are filling the sky.
A statue of Mary follows Jesus.
After The Column is placed in the San Juan de Dios Church, the street crews begin the immediate process of cleaning up the sawdust. By noon, the streets are clean.

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