Exploring the Isle of Sark, UK

Of course we have heard of Guernsey after watching the movie “The Potato Peeling Society of Guernsey”, but I could not have told you anything about the Isle of Sark located right next door.

While Sark is part of the UK, it’s actually just a ferry ride off the coast of France. Sark is the smallest of the Channel Islands and feels more French than British with its crushed gravel paths and mini cottage gardens.

You can only access this island by ferry or private water vessel. The island has no cars but plenty bikes, horse drawn carriages and a couple motorized scooters and kayaks along the shoreline. There are plenty of walking trails, places to eat and shop and about 40 miles of coastline to check out.

We rented bikes and went from one end of the island to the other. We did this in about four hours and we could have stayed for days. There are so many great areas to explore on the island and the views are out of this world.

La Seigneurie Gardens

I can’t even explain how beautiful these gardens were on our visit in May. They were overflowing with a large variety of flowers, trees, shrubs and vines. It is a great place to just stroll and enjoy the beauty of the grounds and nature. When you arrive, they serve you a cup of tea so you can sit and enjoy looking at the gardens. Don’t forget to try the milk as it is fresh from the islands dairy (you can view milking time every day at 5pm).

Sark is a great day destination, but I can’t wait to come back for a longer visit to check out the beaches, tide pools and birds. Did I mention that we saw pheasants and puffins!!!!! If you have a opportunity to visit this beautiful isle, don’t miss the chance.

The only way to get to Sark Island is by the Sark boats.
Once you stroll through the tunnel, you are in town.
A peek into the La Seigneurie Gardens.
Lovely little chapel on the island.
Beautiful homes and gardens are everywhere on Sark.
Ohhhhh, the views and those cute little sheep.


From France: Catch the ferry from Port Delette to St. Peter Port in Guernsey. This ride takes about 1 hour on a high speed ferry and timing is everything since it only goes across twice per week. From St. Peter’s you will need to catch the car ferry that runs 3 times each day. This ferry will take you about 45 minutes.

You can also board from other locations in France: Saint-Malo, Granville, Flamanville and Barneville-Carteret. These coastal towns offer some great places to explore.

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