Visiting the Jungles of Costa Rica

So many stories are the same from the past three years (Covid), we tried to have a family reunion in Costa Rica and it just wouldn’t come together. Finally, the time has arrived and we are headed to Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge located on the Osa Peninsula near Corcovado National Park.

Bosque del cabo is an amazing nature lodge that covers over 700 acres of Coasta Rican rainforest on the Osa Peninsula. It offers miles of trails, beaches, gardens, streams, tide pools, waterfalls and an abundance of wild life. They offer a large variety of activities, an excellent menu for your daily meals and a well stocked bar. What else do you need for a successful family gathering?

The Journey to the Jungle

We were up at 4:00 am to catch our first flight from Indy to Houston. Since connecting flight times were close, we just carried on a backpack with our items for the week. With all of the flight issues across the nation and flying over a Holiday weekend (we almost NEVER fly on the weekend), we truly did not expect to make every leg of this journey.

The second flight of the day was Houston to San José, CR and we took off without a hitch. This leaves us with the last and most interesting flight of the day. The Sansa Air flight to Puerto Jimenez would not rank highly on many peoples lists; however, it’s this or the bus for 12 hours.

We were limited to one piece of luggage at 30 lbs and a 10 lb carry on bag. Piece of cake! Before you can board the plane, you have to bravely stand on the luggage scale, with your carry on, to determine your weight on the plane. Yep, everyone must go thru this process or no flight to the jungle.

Time to hop in our small plane for the final flight to Puerto Jiminez.

The last leg of the trip can be a tough ride. Small seats, only 12 persons and flying low levels without oxygen. Bonus, the scenery is really amazing. Once we arrived at the Puerto Jiminez airport (you land next to the cemetery- could this be an omen), we were happily greeted by our driver from Bosque del Cabo.

The last 45 minutes from the airport to the lodge can be arduous or it can be filled with so many sights that you almost forget that the road is mostly gravel and has a few (ok, lots) of potholes. We immediately saw two Caracaras and had to make a stop to get out the camera. The ride took us a bit longer because we were jumping out with all of the animals sightings. Sure glad we had a great driver that also enjoyed our camera stops.

The forest and locals along the way.

Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge

We were greeted by Kim and Phil once we arrived and were given the basic safety information regarding the lodge, trails and area. This is the jungle and they do have all kinds of wild and potentially dangerous animals. There are no fences and you are in the middle of jungle. It’s July and the temperature is warm and the air is full of humidity. Don’t expect your clothes to be dry because it just won’t happen.

Bosque has an amazing staff that will do everything to make your stay perfect and memorable. Fantastic meals are served three times a day, the bar is always open and they will cater to all types of diets and restrictions. They have a variety of adventures for all types of interests. Kim worked with our family and we immediately had a week’s worth of fun planned.

Bosque del Cabo was our home for the week.
Each family had their own casa for the week.

We did day hikes, night hikes and a bird watching adventure with their excellent naturalist, Carlos. He is wonderful and he sees and hears everything and is very attentive to making sure that you are safe along the trails and paths.

Our group also climbed up the inside of a strangle fig and rappelled back to the trail, rode horses along the beach, lounged in the tidepools, surfed and hiked to a forest waterfall to enjoy the downward force of nature and enjoyed massages in the jungle. We walked miles along their many maintained trails through the forest where we saw many species of birds and animals. Bosque del Cabo is a wonderful place to visit and experience.

Climbing up the inside of a strangle fig.
Enjoying a Coasta Rican waterfall.
A watchful aracari.
A snake in the grass – poison ☠️
A very colorful scarlet macaw.
Jeff’s best find on a trail in Bosque.

If you are looking for a great jungle experience, perfect hosts and meals that are fabulous, Bosque del Cabo is a great place to visit. Check out their website for detailed info.

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