Northern Lights – Just the Pics

When we arrived in Alta, Norway, we hired Alta Adventure to take us on an excursion to find the Northern Lights. And they did not disappoint!

They make sure you have the proper clothing to be outside for 4-5 hours – what you don’t have, they will loan you. Once you are properly clothed you are off on your adventure.

An incredible night of Northern Lights followed with intermittent wildlife – an owl, a red fox and a pack of wolves talking – a walk to the rock etchings, finished with hot chocolate and a fire outside.

Plus, our guide even took some great pictures of us as part of the tour package. Alta Adventure was an over-the-top experience.

Our Pictures – Captured on iPhone 13’s

Alta Adventure

Marius took many pictures on our adventure with a high end camera. We were so pleased with our excursion.

One comment

  1. Very cool and great pics!
    I was surprised when we saw Northern Lights that there was so much green in the lights. An amazing experience for sure.


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