Visiting Brugge and Brussels

November, 2022

A Change in Plans

After spending two weeks in France, we decided that we wanted a change of pace before heading to the equator.

Since it was my birthday, I shared that I would really love to go to Brugge and Brussels instead of a few more days eating croissants. Thankfully, we had no hotel plans so the change was very easy.

If you haven’t been to Brugge, you should really add it to your “Must Visit” list. Brugge is a great walking city and the architecture and canals are such a stark change from France.

Out last minute hotel, Huis ‘t Schaep ( was the best boutique hotel we have ever stayed. The location was just a few blocks off the main plaza down a very quiet street. Michael and his family have created an amazing oasis in this historic home. Parking was just around the corner in a huge underground garage that spans most of the city (exaggeration but it certainly feels like it).

So, Let’s Stroll

Strolling along the canals in Brugge.
Horses and carriages are a normal mode of transportation.
The canals at night in Brugge.
The main plaza in Brussels complete with a satellite moving across the picture.
Europe is now in the middle of energy concerns and the lights are being dimmed. This was taken three weeks later from the picture above in Brussels.
The detail of these buildings in Brussels is just amazing.

Eating Too Much Chocolate in Belgium – Is This Possible?

Is it really possible to say “I’ve don’t care if I ever see another piece of chocolate again?” Well, you just might say that if you spend a few days in Brussels or Brugge, Belgium.

The fine chocolate houses are everywhere and they give free samples.

Yes, these are sheets of chocolate.
Lots of chocolates to choose from at a fine chocolate atelier. Chocolatiers are considered artisans in Belgium.

Waffles in Belgium

First, there is chocolate and then there’s everything else. The first thing I head for in Belgium is a liege waffle. Not the waffles we are accustomed to in the US, but a true Belgium waffle.

There are two types of waffles in Belgium: Liege (smaller with rounded edges) and Belgium (rectangle and large). For both waffles, the batter is made from an egg-white yeasted batter. (American waffles use baking powder and not yeast for the rise). Belgium waffles also have much deeper squares to hold the toppings much better.

What makes the liege waffle so great to me is the pearl sugar that is added into the batter. When the liege waffles are cooked, these little pearls of sugar caramelize and give you a wonderful sweet taste to go with the flavor of the waffle. Yes, it’s heaven on a plate.

A true liege Belgium waffle with a bit of caramel.
Waffle stands are everywhere and you can order them just about any way you like them.

As we left, I bought a bag of chocolates to take on the road. This lovely bag was 15€ and had 8 chocolates inside. We’re they good??? Nope, they were amazing.

It doesn’t have to be large to be good.


  1. Enjoying your travelog…while in Belgium, of course, you MUST sample the chocolate, the waffles and perhaps some french fries with Mayo! 😊


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