About Us

Jeff and Denise here – the Habitual Travelers. Although our travel bug hit us at an earlier age, we found each other and started traveling seriously from the early 1990’s to present. Our spirit of adventure, love of food, thrill of meeting new people from all walks of life has created a passion for travel. Whether panning for gold in a Yukon stream, walking with the orangutans in a Borneo national preserve, absorbing the Hermitage artwork for days, or breaking bread with a Berber host in the Moroccan desert; we continue to explore the world as it presents itself to us. Sometimes we think we have traveled extensively with over 100+ countries visited. Other times, we feel like we have just begun! We have lots of experience travelling. Then we turn a corner, meet a person and realize we have only just started.

We will attempt to show glimpses of our journey within these blogs and photos.  Give you some tips and tricks we have learned on the way. Demonstrate that you too, can break from your norm, turn left instead of right, open a door, step across a new threshold and experience something for the first time.  So join us and enjoy our story: that it may inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people throughout the world, see the beauty that is nature, and experience life as it unfolds around you.


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You can email us: ht [at] habitualtraveler [dot] com

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