How to Rent a Car in Portugal

As a general rule, you can utilize public transportation in many countries, and explore a large percentage of the country. This mode of transport brings you into the culture quickly. But there are times when certain locations are much too difficult except via car. Having driven a lot in Europe and as easy going as […]

Walking up the Steps in Lamego, Portugal

January 22, 2020 Lamego is a beautiful small town nestled due east of Porto by about three hours. It’s a beautiful drive to Lamego along the Douro River Valley that is home to thousands upon thousands of grape vines. If you love Port wine, then a drive through this region is a must. The town […]

Aveiro and Its Beautiful Canals

January 19, 2020 Many people call Aveiro, Portugal the Venice of Portugal; however, this would be a huge disservice to Aveiro. We think it stands on its own merits and beauty. Aveiro is about an hour south of Porto. It is the end of the line on the Comboios train from Sao Bento station in […]

Staying at an Airbnb

We have had many wonderful experiences staying at Airbnb’s across the world. Each experience has been a bit different depending on the location. We have several booked for our time in Portugal, but the one booked outside Lamego, is about the most unique stay we have had at a property. This area doesn’t offer a […]

A Beautiful Capela and Beach Strolling in Miramar, Portugal

January 17, 2020 There are just so many great little seaside towns along the Silver Coast in Portugal. Miramar is a quick getaway from Porto. It takes about 15 minutes and 7 stops from the Sao Bento Train Station to find yourself lounging along the seashore. The main reason you visit Miramar is for the […]

Walking the Coastline in Vila do Conde, Portugal

January 15, 2020 A day trip to the oceanside town of Vila do Conde is a wonderful break from the City. The metro ride takes you 24 stops away from Porto in about one hour. The ride is very nice as you pass the airport, the outlet mall and many farms before crossing the River […]

An adventure in Braga, Portugal

January 13, 2020 We decided to turn a day trip to Braga into a two day experience. Since rain was forecast for our future, we wanted to allow enough time to explore Bom Jesus do Monte under clear skies. We caught the train from the beautiful Sao Bento station in Porto for the one hour […]

Afurada – A Beautiful Seaside Village in Portugal

January 11,2020 It’s a beautiful 2.5 mile walk to the lovely riverside village of Afurada. It is across the River Douro from Porto, at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. There is a very nice pedestrian walkway along the entire journey. You will stroll by the various wine caves as you wind your way along […]