Hiking with Jeff

Hiking an Aqueduct in Tomar, Portugal.

January 24, 2020 When I first started doing research for our visit to Tomar, I was intrigued by the aqueduct that served the Castle of Tomar and the Convent. The pictures I saw online were just unbelievable as this aqueduct spanned over many miles away from the Castle with so many arches and the sweeping…

JMT Sep 2019

Solo for a few nights, 4 days and 40 miles I highly recommend any backpacker to take a solo 3-4 night trip. You may find that you revel in the solitude. Or it may literally drive you out of the mountains in need of camaraderie. Self reliance is a critical attribute. You need to know…

John Muir Trail Aug/Sep 2017

52lbs on my back I have a tendency to carry extra, just in case. My spin/fly rod with my spin reel, line and all lures, floats and other odds and ends. My fly reel, 4 leaders of different lb test, flies of various size, colors, types. Of course nail clippers, small scissors, handyman multi-purpose tool.…

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