Travel Resources

Locked Down in Spain

March, 2020 Since our retirement in 2016, we have been spending a majority of our time traveling the world. Life offers you no guarantees in length. So while able, we will continue to forge ahead at full steam. Our original plans for 2020 were The American Samoa Islands, New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania. Once we […]

What Does it Cost to Travel in Portugal for a Month

January, 2020 The cost of living in Portugal is very reasonable compared to the United States. As we travel, we try to do as much research before we leave because this will save us time and money. Since we have retired, we have changed our eating habits and we generally have brunch around 10 am […]

How to Rent a Car in Portugal

As a general rule, you can utilize public transportation in many countries, and explore a large percentage of the country. This mode of transport brings you into the culture quickly. But there are times when certain locations are much too difficult except via car. Having driven a lot in Europe and as easy going as […]

Staying at an Airbnb

We have had many wonderful experiences staying at Airbnb’s across the world. Each experience has been a bit different depending on the location. We have several booked for our time in Portugal, but the one booked outside Lamego, is about the most unique stay we have had at a property. This area doesn’t offer a […]

What’s in my suitcase?

I’m frequently asked what items I have in my suitcase for our travels. We try to travel with a small carry-on bag or a small checked roller bag. If you have too many items, then you have to make decisions on what to wear each day. Fewer items mean less weight and less decisions. We […]

Our Favorite Apps

While traveling with iPads, iPhones and a couple Kindles, its really the Apps that make our journey manageable. Below you will find a few of our “can’t live without” apps. – has been a game changer for our travels. If you are limited to wifi and cell coverage in the US, then traveling […]