Around the World

We planned to go west “Around The World” in 2017. And generally we adhered to this. After we looked back on our adventure, we had taken 36 flights on 12 different airlines, one helicopter and a hot air balloon; ships from water taxis and falucas to cruise ships; countless subways, metros, trains, buses, trolleys, taxis, Uber and bicycles; to walking. We are walkers and it is not unusual for us to walk five to ten miles a day. We planned nearly all of our lodging and major transportation before hand. But every morning we would walk out the door and start exploring on foot. We did take three tours with guides (30, 14 and 6 days) which were excellent and allowed us to immerse ourselves more than we could have attempted ourselves in specific areas.

We left The United States and traveled through South Korea, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Borneo, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Jordan, UAE, Egypt, Greece, Malta, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Austria and half a year later, back to the USA. We experienced food, culture, religion, history, animal kingdom, geography, people and the daily pulse of life. I cannot begin to tell you how many wonderful and generous people we met along the way! Here are oodles of photos from our trip. Hope you don’t get bored.

Click on the link below to go Around the World with us.

Around the World

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