Eating in Portugal (and drinking coffee)

January, 2020

Yes, we have had no issues with eating in Portugal. In fact, I can’t make it throughout the day with at least one cappuccino and one macchiato. I mean, really, life without a great cuppa Joe that costs less than $1 USD per cup. AND, it’s good, full bodied, flavorful, not bitter, served at the perfect temperature and won’t cause scalding on any part of your body.

We have no issues with fruit in Portugal. Right now the orange (navel, clementines, mandarin) trees are fully loaded. You can buy a kilo of these beauties (ripened on the tree, not in a semi) for about .60 usd. That’s 2.2 lbs of goodness for SIXTY CENTS!!!

The lemon and persimmon trees are also full of fruit and are being picked. So much seems to go to waste and we have gotten all of the fruit we can carry off the trees of our Airbnb’s. In the South, the fruit trees are full of blooms and the oranges are nearing the end of their life on the trees.

As for meat, there is no lack of pork, chicken and lamb on most menus. But be warned, the love of all Portugal is their beautiful Icelandic cod. It’s poached, grilled, fried, crocquetted and salt cured. It’s not a McDonalds filet, it’s just darn good and the love and pride of their country. Looking for veggies? Well, you can get a salad but other veggies seem to be hard to find. And potatoes, yep they are darn good here!

Without further ado, enjoy!


    • Thank you Ruth. We have really enjoyed Portugal. Easy to get around by bus, nice people, great coffee and food. Thank goodness we are walking 5+ miles each day or we would be crying (and buying bigger pants).


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